Dandelion Club

What is Dandelion Club?

This is a supportive, fun club for children whose parents are away from home either on a short-term exercise or for a longer period of time.

Activities will include:

  • letter writing
  • drawing special pictures
  • games and fun tasks
  • talking about parents who are away from home

Any letters or pictures created in the club will come home with your child so you are able to arrange postage.

When will Dandelion Club be held?

This will be a lunchtime club once a week (day to be confirmed) from 1230-1300. Pupils can attend weekly or occasionally as it is voluntary.

Who will be running Dandelion Club?

Mrs Aldridge in the Welly Extra room.

How can I join Dandelion Club?

Children can speak with their teacher who will send their name to Mrs Aldridge or parents can contact the office to request a place. Questions If any parents have questions, please call or email the office for more information.