Hawks - Year 3

Hawks Class Teacher: Mr Davies

Teaching Assistant: Mrs White

Class Presentation - September 2019

10th October 2019

This week in English we have been finalising our class story before planning our own versions. These are all linked to our Stone Age topic and there are sure to be lots of prehistoric adventures ahead!

We have done lots of work in our topic lessons based on our early ancestors - including our earliest known ancestor, Lucy, who we discovered is over 3,000,000 years old! Unsurprisingly, things have changed dramatically in 3 million years and we’ve thought about some of the differences in food and shelter. A healthy diet is very important and we have investigated different nutrients and which foods provide us with what we need to stay healthy.

In maths, we have continued our work on place value and are now getting very good at explaining the reasons behind our answers. All of the children are becoming more confident in explaining their answers to ‘why is that the answer?’ and ‘how do you know?’

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