Barn Owls - Reception

We apologise this page does not contain the most current informaton,  class pages are due to be updated at the beginning of the new term.


Barn Owls Class Teacher : Mrs Mupesa

Teaching Assistant: Ms Aldridge

20th December 2019

In Barn Owls, we have thoroughly enjoyed the festive season of Autumn Term and we are looking forwards to further growth in the Spring Term. We continue to thrive on the support that we are given in school and at home and we are very proud of all the learning we have achieved so far.

In the Spring term, we will learn about changes such as the life cycle of butterflies, frogs and birds. We will be reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Tiny Seed among many other books. In our ‘Hospital’ role play area, we will learn about how to keep our bodies healthy. We will continue to improve our reading skills through our daily Phonics sessions which typically begin promptly at 08:45, so it important that we are in school on time. In number, we will be manipulating different amounts to solve problems. We will also be measuring different lengths and heights and developing our vocabulary around the concept.

As we settle into the rhythm of our year, our focus is going to be on increasing our independence within our everyday needs. It is important that we are given the opportunity to learn how to get ourselves dressed, including doing up zips, buttons and other simple fastenings.

Thank you very much for sharing our learning journey with us.

2nd October 2019

Two of our Barn Owls working hard to paint a our barn owl picture using cork stamps and looking at spacing and colours

In Barn Owls, we have had a very successful start to the year! Already, we are participating fully in the life of the school: attending assemblies, eating the delicious school dinners and enjoying the wider experiences of Golden Eagle Club Fridays. We continue to take part in the exhilarating Daily Mile run and the weekly PE sessions.

Our topic this term is ‘This Is Me!’ We have spent much time getting to know each other and getting to know our new school. We have listened to and enjoyed retelling the story, Owl Babies. One of our favourite sessions is Phonics in which we learn a new sound each day! We are beginning to use some of the sounds we are learning in our own writing too- using chalk, ribbon, paint, water and even goo! We are utilizing every opportunity to count and develop our number knowledge, e.g playing hopscotch or counting the fruit for our daily snack. Amongst many other great opportunities, a firm highlight was going on our school minibuses to Wellington Primary School where the group, Tall Tree Theatre, treated us to a marvelous and interactive theatrical show.

In order to develop our communication skills further, we have been learning the traditional tale, The Little Red Hen. We are now very good at saying the story aloud chorally and we look forward to performing it to a lucky audience. We have also been learning to sing the song, When I Grow Up from Matilda, The Musical. It is fair to say, much learning fun has been evident and as half term gets ever so nearer, the learning opportunities of Harvest and Diwali will go some way to quenching our thirst for new knowledge and skills.

17th October 2019