Welly Extra

*Please note, we are now operating a waiting list for Welly Extra, details of extra availability will be posted shortly.

Welly Extra and COVID19 school closure

Your child’s place in welly Extra is secure through this period of closure and you will receive notification when bookings open following advice from the  government. If your needs change before we reopen please let us know.

We will not be issuing credits for the two week period prior to Easter in line with the no refund policy in the terms and conditions, however we will not be requiring you to pay a retainer to secure your place.

If you pay by vouchers this would be an ideal time to build up some credit on your account, please let us know when these have been transferred so we can update your account.

Please remember bookings have to be made by yourself and can only be made if your account is in credit. 


Parents are required to register to use this service by completing and returning the Welly Extra Registration Form before their child attends their first Welly Extra session. Please hand this form and your signed terms and conditions  into the school office before the first day you will be using the service.

What to do on the day of your child’s first booked session

Please note that you must sign in and out at drop-off and collection.

Welly Extra Breakfast Club – Please bring your child to school, allowing time to hand in your registration form. The session should be booked and paid for via Tucasi Scopay, in advance.

Welly Extra After School Club – Please ensure that you bring your registration form to the school office on or before the morning of the first Welly Extra session. The session should be booked and paid for via Tucasi Scopay, in advance.

Please allow enough time to sign your child in and out, and be aware that during busy periods, you may need to wait. This is for the safety of your child.

Children can be dropped off for Welly Extra Breakfast Club at any time between 7.30am and 8.45am. However, the price covers the full session, including breakfast.

Children can be picked up from Welly Extra After School Club at any time up to and by 6pm on  Monday to Thursday and by 5pm on Fridays. However, the price covers the full session, including a light snack.


Please use the following email address to get in touch regarding anything related to Welly Extra: WellyExtraTeam@wellingtonprimary.org.uk

For urgent queries relating to Welly Extra during the session times (7.30am-8.45am and 3.30pm-6pm), please call: 01264 316403 . If you are not able to get through, please call the school office.  During school hours, please use the school telephone number:  01264 123456

Late Bookings

Late (on the day) bookings may be made, subject to availability based on the legal ratios, through the Main School Office or Welly Extra out of school hours. Payment for these must be made via Tucasi Scopay, that day.

Booking and Payments

All Welly Extra bookings must be made via Tucasi Scopay and paid in advance. Please contact the school office should you wish to pay using childcare vouchers or need a Tucasi Scopay login. Once these bookings have been confirmed  you are requiredto give one months notice to terminate this contract and therefore  full payment for the terms bookings are required and no refunds will be applied to your account  for any sessions not attended.