Golden Eagle

*Please note - Golden Eagle will not be running while we are based at The Wellington Academy, it will begin after the move into our own building. We are aware that this may cause some issues for parents who require before and after school care - please click here to fill in a form stating your requirements so that we can gauge numbers and endeavour to provide wrap around care if needed. 

Children at Wellington Eagles Primary Academy have access to a wide and varied extended curriculum. We are interested in the development of the whole child, not just their academic potential. For some children a love of learning will stem from finding enjoyment in other areas such as art, music or outdoor learning.

Our approach to school life aims to appeal to all children and will build upon their visual, auditory and kinaesthetic preferences. Does your child like to watch and then have a go? Do they listen intently and then try an activity? Perhaps they need to touch, feel and do? Adults and children are known to have learning styles; this is something we like to address through our enrichment. Each and every day opens their eyes to a new opportunity, hidden skill or undiscovered talent.

Our staff and fully vetted coaches lead the enrichment at our school. The clubs may be based on the children’s interests, a teacher’s personal skills and strengths or even the seasons.

Enrichment takes place Tuesday - Thursday from 3.30pm-4.30pm. You will always be notified if Golden Eagle is cancelled.

Compulsory Enrichment for Key stage Two (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

The extended school day and engagement in enrichment activities is compulsory for pupils in our upper school. Children engage in one hour of enrichment activities on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is a more relaxed part of the day and enables children to enjoy activities and learn new skills with their friends.

The children enjoy a wide range of activities three nights a week. This year these have included Archery, First Aid, Football, High 5 Netball, Computing and Forest School, to name just a few!